ShadeMotion 4.0

Simulation of tree shades in horizontal or tilted plots

ShadeMotion is a software that calculates the position and shape of shades projected onto the ground by the crowns of trees planted on flat, horizontal or tilted plots in any location on Earth and at different dates and times

Its main purpose is to answer questions such as:

How many hours of shade are accumulated at each point of a plot where trees are planted, during a certain period of time?`

Cuadricula Simulacion

ShadeMotion is a very easy-to-use software and allows users to choose from a wide range of options when constructing simulations:

  • Trees: Number of trees on the plot , location, shape, size and follage density.
  • Time: Starting and ending dates of the simulation and daily hour range for the calculation of shades
  • Sun: Frequency of solar movement (how often the position of the sun and the shades is recalculated)
  • Plot: Geographic latitude where the plot is located.

ShadeMotion 4.0 was developed with funds from the next CATIE projects:

  • By Mesoamerican Agroenviromental Program (MAP):
  • By Finnfor Program: