Latest Version

ShadeMotion 4.0 has new awesome features to create more complex simulations

Version 4.0 allows:

  • Add or remove trees during the simulation period
  • New and improved 3D display whichs includes params like:
    • Sun's position
    • Plot inclination
    • North location
    It displays all the tree shapes available in the simulation, like:
    • Trunk height
    • Crown height
    • Crown width
  • Faster simulation time based on improved algorithms.


Old Version

ShadeMotion 3.0


ShadeMotion 3.0 requires .Net Framework 4 instalation

ShadeMotion 3.0 is available in spanish only.

Download ShadeMotion 3.0

Download ShadeMotion 3.0 tutorial

ShadeMotion 2.2

Note: ShadeMotion 2.2 requires .Net Framework 2 instalation, it does not work under .Net Framework 4 Framework

Download ShadeMotion 2.2

Download ShadeMotion 2.2 tutorial